Hippopotamus Full

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    Designed and folded by Quentin Trollip from an uncut square.
    Paper is pink tissue mc'ed onto gray washi, size 50cm. Final length 22cm (as positioned here).

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    1. Magic Fingaz 52 months ago | reply


    2. simbakeila123 52 months ago | reply


    3. tskorigami 52 months ago | reply

      you captured the head very well, so did you match the girth of the body!

    4. eazyeeee 52 months ago | reply

      That looks awesome

    5. gj0kyz 52 months ago | reply

      What an excellent model. The head and jaw line make it instantly recognisable but I also like the pink toes!

    6. snowblue_z 52 months ago | reply

      I yawn, when I C this.

    7. Connorigami 52 months ago | reply

      This is excellent! Bravo!
      Is there a diagram or CP?

    8. Yeorigami 52 months ago | reply

      What a masterpiece, Quentin ! Wow !

    9. BenOrigami 52 months ago | reply

      Brilliant! The head and especially the mouth is awesome!
      Did you use the same base than for your bears?

    10. Quentin Origami 52 months ago | reply

      Thank you for the comments!
      @Connorigami, no cp or diagrams sorry!
      @ Benoit, similar base as the bears but with a diagonal strip graft.

    11. Mauricio Flórez 52 months ago | reply

      amazing hippo!!!

    12. sin cynic 52 months ago | reply

      the face is splendid! Great work!

    13. ynnig132 40 months ago | reply

      i would love it if you put up how to do that. or tell where you lerned it:)

    14. GILGADO ORIGAMI 36 months ago | reply

      Very nice Quentin!

    15. Joseph Wu Origami 24 months ago | reply

      Did you do this for Gap Canada?

    16. Quentin Origami 24 months ago | reply

      No Joseph, why do you ask? I hope they didn't "steal" this photo!!

    17. Joseph Wu Origami 24 months ago | reply

      Yes. I think they did. I'll email you.

    18. dch27 23 months ago | reply

      Best origami hippo out there. I wish it was diagramed!

    19. Riccardo Foschi 8 months ago | reply

      I really love your designs! *_*

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