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Inquisitor Gunnbrikt – Lands of Roawia Outlaw | by Gunnbrikt
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Inquisitor Gunnbrikt – Lands of Roawia Outlaw

Originally named Borim Gunnbrikt, he was a loyal and respected knight of Garheim and protector of Jarl Bonne before his life was shattered after the takeover by Queen Galainir. After leading a string of successful raids against camps of the queen’s forces for his Jarl, he returned triumphantly to tell the Jarl of his successes. Upon entering the Jarl’s campaign tent he finds Bonne dead, murdered with a blade in his back. Within seconds, guards rushed in along with the Garheim officials.


Corrupted by the queen’s gold, they framed him for his Jarl’s murder and ordered the men to apprehend him. In a zealous wrath for his master’s murder he launched himself at the officials, sword in hand. He remorsefully had to kill the guards who tried to protect the vile officials. He tried to reason with them but their honour blinded them to the evil they were defending. The guards fell at his feet and only the officials were left, pleading for their life’s to be spared. Their please were left unanswered, no mercy would be given for men so wicked and corrupted by gold of evil.


He sat by his Jarl’s side with blood on his hands and in despair. He had nothing left except for a burning fervour for justice. He vowed to himself that he would avenge his Jarl’s death by finding and destroying the men and women who did this and all other corrupted evil men and creatures, no matter their faction or creed. From that day on he called himself Inquisitor Gunnbrikt, destroyer of evil men and shepherd of the weak.


His protection of the kingdom was now seen as a crime and he made a hasty escape else be killed falsely as a traitor to the realm and murderer of men. Gunnbrikt headed south towards the only place he had left to go, the territory of the Outlaws. From here he could find a place to call his new home and find like-minded men and creatures for his righteous crusade against evil and Queen Galainir, wickedest of them all and murderer of his Jarl.


We meet the inquisitor in the deserts around Two Face Pass on his journey south. Exhausted and in need of rest from his long and hasty journey he sets up camp on an abandoned wooden platform set into the rocky cliffside. With no one around for miles and with some shade to sleep under he rests his eyes for a moment. Suddenly he wakes up hearing a noise and leaps to his feet, his sword and trusty crossbow in hand. He could hear someone approaching. But who could it possibly be…..


For the Lands of Rowia Character Introduction Challenge for the Outlaws. It was built entirely out of the blocks from the Lone Ranger Silver Mine Shootout (79110) except for a few odd bits (mainly the character and flag pieces). It was a fun build and the limitations of what pieces came with the set helped me get creative.


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Taken on April 26, 2014