I Can't See You...

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    ... so you can't see me!

    For FGR's invasion of the "Hide & Seek" group, and doing a really poor job of hiding too!

    So I don't think anybody saw me do this, but if they did they would be thinking: "Who's the idiot - wearing blue jeans on a hot day like this?"

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    1. .Brooke.Anderson. 79 months ago | reply

      hahahahahahahahahahahaha....that is awesome! lol

    2. ukimmeru 79 months ago | reply

      Most excellent!

    3. akane kinomoto 79 months ago | reply

      ahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!! brilliant! xD

    4. wizardjks 79 months ago | reply

      that IS the most HILARIOUS shot from you!
      totally love it

    5. xtheowl 79 months ago | reply

      OMG! So funny! Awesome!

    6. bowiemarcy [deleted] 79 months ago | reply

      hilarious shot!! clever take on hide and seek. the blues and greens in this are fantastic---really cool composition!

    7. Amadika 79 months ago | reply

      ehehe this is pretty cool ! you blend in so well with the scenery.. :p

      p.s. and I just told my bf to get his head out of the sand ! lolll

    8. ~ maitexu ~ 79 months ago | reply

      haha! great one..and where are you? it's just so beautiful!!!

    9. QT_ PI 79 months ago | reply

      lmao..great one!

      Ok..is it my turn?..I want to hide there now!!..It's beautiful.

    10. linsimages 79 months ago | reply

      Fantastic...you are so very funny...Love it!

    11. Brian and Missy 79 months ago | reply

      This is great! And the beach looks amazing!

    12. S. Diddy 79 months ago | reply

      Where did you go? Are you even in this picture? lol

    13. lauren deluca 79 months ago | reply

      hahahahahahhahahaha amazing! hope you didn't get sand anywhere unpleasant!

      now i wonder about all them ostriches.....maybe they think they're just playing a massive game of hide n seek :)

    14. Jo's Fo's 79 months ago | reply

      I want to lay on that beach for a week without moving.

    15. tropical.pete 79 months ago | reply

      Ha! I bet! I think all people use the Ostrich technique of avoidance/denial all too often unfortunately...

      As I am in a lazy mood - To everyone else: Thanks very much, I am happy to have made you all laugh! (I'm a laughter whore I guess!)

      To those who asked or commented on the color of the water: This is the shallow lagoon on the west side of Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands (You know, near the Marianas Trench, deepest spot in the Pacific - which a bit farther than a stone's throw East of the islands) So it's quite tropical and a constant Low 75F, High 85F throughout the year. The lagoon has a terrific range of greens through blues depending on the depth and whether the bottom is sandy or coral. and I'm here as a temporarily dis-placed Canadian (or maybe Mis-placed?) as I miss the mountains and the snow!!! but will stay here as long as I can handle the heat in the kitchen!)

      Just got sand in the ears, thanks for asking!

    16. webweisend media company 25 months ago | reply

      Thanks for sharing this photo via CreativeCommons! It was just perfect for our media company blog - blog.media-company.eu

    17. morb01 18 months ago | reply

      thank you for using the CC license n this excellent image

    18. brookdancer 16 months ago | reply

      Thanks for putting this great image under the CC license. I am using it in an online course for staff development in our non-profit behavioral healthcare organization.

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