Maranatha Kennels: Obedience Training
We are having a lot of fun in these classes, and folks make good progress. "Beginner Classes" are structured to help train "you" how to go home and train your dog. And then at the end we give you suggestions and guidance on how to start adding "distractions" into your training program.

Our "Intermediate Classes" will also help you to advance with your pet. In our beginner classes we work on behavior such as: sit - down, and then add duration to those behaviors. We teach and talk about name recognition, which leads into teaching "come"; a much needed behavior to have your pet know. We will also work on many extras, such as teaching "manners" and heeling, and go settle. We will also do some socializing for the dogs; that are non-dog aggressive.

Do you have a new pet, young or old? These classes will help you get a start with teaching your dog to be a good Dog.

Obedience Training:
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