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What Price Was Paid | by dreamdust2022
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What Price Was Paid

Lord Silas awoken to seeing Sir Cyrus removing the Evil Kings head from its shoulders but was rather confused on just how Sir Cyrus had beaten what seemed to be a invincible...


"How... You must truly be the most amazing of the Knights Sir Cyrus," Lord Silas said feeling over joyed the seeing they had lived throw what they had thought might be there deaths.


"I am not the one that is so grate for it is not I that had stopped this Evil. He was about to bring me to my death and I had longed to see my long lost love and the child that had carried that past in the heat of battle a year ago. And than Its Cried out as I watched the soul that was in side of it get forced out," Explained Sir Cyrus for being true is part of the knights code and he could not take praise for what he had not done.


"Than who might I ask is our hero?" Ask Lord Silas for surely this could not be just luck that had smiled upon them this day.


"That my friend I do not know but I pray the price was not to grate," Sir Cyrus Replied as he to wandered how did it come about that they wore saved...


But a grate Cry that field the air of Young Prince Julian calling out to Young Arabella sent chills down both of the men's spines that told them that in light of this grate victory something had gone horrible wrong.


What Price was paid to save the world the stars and even the lives of these 2 hero's... and was it to much?


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Taken on January 28, 2017