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Your Fate Is Sealed | by dreamdust2022
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Your Fate Is Sealed

It would seem that all was over for Sir. Cyrus as he tried to push his sword in to the Monster King BlayLock but found it to be now use for the Armor was to grate! Lord Silas was knocked unconscious do to taking a mighty blow to is head from the very Monster that now had our brave strong knight at his Mercy.


"Any last words little worm?" asked The Shadowed King BlayLock as he forced Sir Cyrus down with one claw and made ready to rip him apart with the other.


"Only one... The girl she well be free and you will spend all time alone nothing more than a Prisoner to the empty halls of your loneliness," Sir Cyrus cursed The Shadow King with his words and made ready to Join his first love that had died well still with their Unborn Child still with in her womb.


"We shell see my Knight but for now you Die!" Laughed The Shadow King as he made ready to slay Sir Cyrus with the might of his Claws.


Will something happen that will Save Sir Cyrus?


Will he be killed and sent to the land of the dead to see his fallen lover?


And on a side note if Dream Children come from the souls of un-Born baby's dose that mean his little sweet girl is Alive as a dream child? And if so who could she be?


Robots designed by Brett C. Mich at


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Taken on December 3, 2016