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We Make Our Stand Here | by dreamdust2022
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We Make Our Stand Here

It would seem that our brave Hero's have found them selves in a epic battle With the Shadow King Blaylock him self and nothing seemed to have the power to prices his Armor. Now out of ammo and being pushed back it would seem that the end would be soon coming for our 2 Brave Hero's. But from out the Shadows Lord Silas came Letting his shots cut throw the air and in to the Shadow King that now became in raged at this sign of Arrogance for he know there was no way that this things could beat him.


“Julian Boy you go save your Arabella for her heart whats for her Prince,” Orderd Sir Cyrus as he got ready to do close battle with the King him self.


“But what about...” Young Julian tried to ask before he found him self Cut off


“Do not worry about this Tin can I got a Can Opener right here,” Said Sir Cyrus as he used magic to summon forth his long lost Sword for were he had placed it with his dead Lover and mother of his unborn Child that died with in her Womb... (((Oh a little Fact that dead Baby became a dream Child but can you guess which Child she is?)))


“And worry not my lad for I swear to be his Shield as he is our Sword,” Stated Lord Silas now making ready to back up The God Father of his soon to be born baby.


With out response Young Prince Julian ran out of the field of battle in search of his darling little love Arabella.


“I thought I told you to stay with your Sister and keep her and your Children safe?” Sir Cyrus asked as he make him self ready seeing there way no turning back.


“I could not let the Future God Father of my children die on me could I?” Lord Silas said with a smirk on his face as he made ready to take aim.


“That is all very touching but now Die!,” The Shadow King Blaylock Screamed out as he now charged at the two slashing with his claws trying to crave upon there faces.


Both young fighters dodged the Act and Countered only to see very little effect but this fight was long from over...


Will Young Prince Julian make it to Arabella and save her?


Will The Evil Kings plans be Stop?


Or is there more hands at work than our brave Hero's or even our Evil Villain are aware of?


Robots designed by Brett C. Mich at

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Taken on October 22, 2016