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I Shell Take Of My Own Power | by dreamdust2022
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I Shell Take Of My Own Power

It would seem that the reunon of our Hero's was rather short lived for out of no were charged out the Shadowed King Blaylock him self as he used his large hands to snatch up Little Arabella in to the air as he used the force of his feet to Kick the Shadowed Prince Julian to the ground making short work of the boy. Little Lyra Jumped from a Pillar she had been perched on and came crashing down on to the intruder hitting it with all her little might only to find she might be just a little to small to do much. Young Lady Ophelia Tried to take Aim but before she sent shots in to the Metal Beast she was stopped by Julian that yelled out.


“Stay your hand my Lady for the girls are in rang of your fire,” Young Julian called out feeling helpless for he was not strong compered to this thing...


“That's a good boy... What! What is this... Is it you Princess Ozora!” Stated The Shadowed King Blaylock remembering the girl from 1000s of years ago. But how she was to be was no longer important to him for with his daughter no longer there his need for a Companion in to god hood could be field by Arabella. But he could see she was the one with the trap with in her and he would need to take that out of her before taking all of her as his.


“Who... what are you,” asked Little Arabella in a daze and confusion for she knew this voice but lost with in her thought she could not place the face it belonged too nor could she remember this was the very man that had Started a War that killed her Family and sot to in-slave her to his very will.


But before any more could be said the Shadowed King Blaylock throw Little Lyra off his back and ran off in to the Ruins with his Prize in hand.


What Might Happen now that the King has Arabella?


Will Young Julian find the power to save his love or might he need the help of a Amy the one made of friends he made a long the way?


Robots designed by Brett C. Mich at

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Taken on July 16, 2016