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You Can Tell Me | by dreamdust2022
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You Can Tell Me

Little Leilani got to go first for the after Class Study with the teacher or in this case the teacher pretending to be a kid her self. It would seem that Little Leilani found a pretty flowers and thought it might make a good Ingredient to make a Magical Potion.


Jaldet seemed to have something other on her little mind as she swiped on her little Fun Time Potion. This might be a good time to get the little girls to tell me about the boy that is running around, thought Jaldet as she looked at Little Leilani.


“I found a pretty flower Ms. Teachers sister,” Little Leilani said in a sweet happy voice hoping a pretty flower could make something pretty ^_^


“It is a pretty Flower sweetie and with it we can make a sent that would bring cute boys from all over to you... Do you know any boys?” asked Jaldet as she try to hold her head up for she must have been having just a little to much good time potion ^_^


“Oh well I think Lenore has a boy but I am not to sure though,” Little Leilani tried her best to explain as she understood it.


“What do you mean you think she has a boy?” Asked Jaldet now feeling excited maybe she can get this little girl to share the boy with her.


“Well Poe has pants so that makes him a boy! And we have dresses so we are girls,” Explained Little Leilani making sure to show she was sure of the difference.


“You know there is a lot more differences than our clothes sweetie, But how about I help you and you can keep this our little secret okay,” Said Jaldet now smiling at the little girl as she thought of ways she could help her be more like her.


“Can you help me fly?” Little lielani asked in a shy manner because she wanted to play with the other flying kids.


“Deal cutie I have just the outfit! I will dress you in it my self and not only will you fly but your sure to learn a lot more about boys,” Jaldet stated feeling so much like a good teacher for helping her clueless student.


Will Jaldet get closer to Poe now that she knows what little girl he is here to see?


Oh Might Jaldet dress Little Lielani?


And might Shinku need to start screening the Teachers that come to teach magic?

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Taken on May 14, 2016