Blue Ribbon Apartment
Refubrishment of a 1960's apartment in the centre of Athens

Choosing to live in Athens city centre, a young businessman decides to renovate completely a 6th floor terraced apartment in a building dated back in the ‘60s. Light and spaciousness re-enter the rooms through integrated spaces, larger openings and clear, geometric forms.

The 185m² apartment is a penthouse in a typical apartment building with views stretching to the Acropolis and the sea. Having two opposite facades and many light shafts, the apartment should have ample cross ventilation and sunlight, if the previous fragmented plan were not suffocating the inhabitants in small rooms and narrow passages blocking the light and air.
Scapearchitecture’s principal intention in redesigning the apartment was to introduce contemporary architectural qualities, such as openness in plan, structural transparency and fluid configuration of the interior.

The apartment's spatial arrangement unfolds around its living room. The kitchen and dining are totally integrated in the open plan layout, marking the intention of merging different functions under a unified scheme. A distinctive dropped-ceiling panel, with linear grooves integrating lighting fixtures and speakers folds downwards to form the media wall. It is a feature dominant in the apartment's living area, which defines the space and handles with subtlety the height differences of the original concrete ceiling.
Wood-paneled walls define the limits while space is flowing seamlessly in the overall layout, as light strips on the floor and the ceiling indicate crossings and passages through its areas, the same concept applied to the master bedroom and guest bedroom areas with their en-suite bathrooms. The structural columns on the contrary, placed in random locations relating to the new layout of the apartment, they are clad with backlit glass panels. This way they were turned into semi-transparent, floor-to-ceiling, light blue color elements that finally named the project as Blue Ribbon, implying its quality as an architectural artifact.
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