St. Augustine Alligator Farm, Isaiah 1:18

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    An albino alligator is one of the attractions at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park in St. Augustine, Florida.


    Founded in 1565, St. Augustine is the oldest continually inhabited European settlement in the United States. Today, the old city is a unique tourist destination due to its abundance of authentic and recreated historic sites, varied museums, romantic bed and breakfast inns, and nearby ocean beaches. Though the town proper is small, it is the seat of fast-growing St. Johns County, which has a population nearing 200,000 ,and part of the five-county Jacksonville metropolitan area, which is home to around 1.5 million residents.


    We sure live in an amazing world, full of natural wonders, diverse creatures, and reliable scientific forces that all reflect the glory and splendor of Almighty God. From the brilliant reefs to the high-altitude peaks, God's handiwork has inspired generations of travelers to see the far corners of this magnificent planet He created. That said, man is the most special of all God's creations, as it is mankind with whom He seeks a personal relationship. One need not look far, whether in the big cities or remote rural outposts, to see that regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, economic status, or even religious background, all people need a Savior. Though some people strive for perfection, all will always fall short. Fortunately, our Father has seen to it that we don't need to be perfect; we need Jesus. While religion is about man trying to reach God, Christ is God reaching man. Christ died on a cross with all the weight of the past, present, and future sins of humanity on His sinless shoulders. Then, He rose from the dead, conquering death for all eternity. All men and women are broken, but if anyone confesses this brokenness, repents of all that makes him unworthy, and sincerely accepts Christ as Lord and Savior, then the gifts of salvation and eternal life will be his. Too often people find themselves playing games, hiding their true selves, or going through the motions of performing ritualistic "religious" behaviors with apathetic hearts. That said, Jesus already knows everything about every one of us. He created us. He knows our weaknesses, our failures, our temptations, and our insecurities. He sees us for who we really are, regardless of the masks we wear. No amount of money, no respectable status, no fancy clothing, and not even any kind of good works can fool Him. Don't try to be a better version of yourself than you really are. Jesus loves YOU and will meet you exactly where you are. Just be sincere, and if you truly submit yourself to Him, He will help change whatever needs to be changed from the inside out. Trust Jesus! He loves you and wants a relationship with you. Accept Him into your heart, and He will free you from bondage to sin, and the guilt associated with it. If you don't know how to ask Him into your heart, then try saying the following prayer. The exact wording is not important, but the attitude and intentions of your heart are very important. Do it today!

    Lord Jesus,
    I recognize that I need you in my life.
    Thank you for accepting me just as I am.
    I seek You and want to receive You as my personal Lord and Savior.
    Please come into my heart, and forgive me for all my sins.
    I am Yours.
    Thank you, Jesus!


    The notion of "Humbly Serving Christ" is something that the Lord has really placed on my heart over the past couple years. The profile picture I have chosen, a close-up of my own bare feet with the words "HUMBLY SERVING CHRIST," is symbolic. I love the freedom that I feel when walking barefoot, but with that freedom I also get a sense of vulnerability and humility. Similarly, since accepting Christ into my heart over a decade ago, I have found great freedom in being able to humble myself before my loving Creator. You see, being humble doesn't mean being a weakling or having low self-esteem, or any of the other misinterpretations that often come to mind. Being humble involves knowing who you are in your relationship with Christ, and having the freedom to be open, honest, and vulnerable before the King of Kings, the Creator of the Universe. While I have always struggled with pride and shyness issues, I am trying, with the Lord's help, to take what can be a prideful hobby of mine (photography) and make it something that will bring Him glory. It is also my hope that the Scriptures seen on my photos may serve as some kind of needed encouragement or well-timed "sign" to that person (perhaps you) who needs just one more nudge to seek Jesus. I pray that my photography stays true to this mission.

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