Our team has over $1 billion in school design and construction experience, including over $400 million worth of experience in the pre-referendum phase.

We believe that 90% of the success of a project is determined in the first 10% of its timeline. As such, we have focused our services the pre-construction phase, providing you and the Architect with the cost, time, and quality information you need to make the best decisions for your project.

Our 7 Habits culture drives us to reach consensus -foundational to any community based project. Consolidated Construction takes a proactive approach by seeking first to understand the issues of your community. Everyone must be heard and must feel that he or she has been heard. Everyone must know that his or her viewpoint was an important consideration in the new space. In the planning phase, Consolidated Construction assesses the expected useful life of your facilities, conducts community listening sessions, and assists you in discovering the best building option to meet your educational needs.

Consolidated’s unique approach is based on a collaborative Project Delivery Process that is designed to reduce project risk, improve quality and deliver projects on-time and within budget. Ours is a lean, clearly mapped process that is communicated and understood by all. Your time is valuable and Consolidated Construction will gear all services to be an extension of your staff, acting as a “bolt on” facilities department for the life of your project. Our customers, architects, project managers, crews, and subcontractors are all on the same page, at all times.
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