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Shadow Separation | by Franz Bodmer
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Shadow Separation

The separation of the crow’s shadow from its body occurred at 08:04.0889 29-May-16. The installed sound level meter instruments did not register any changes during this event. Shadow and body re-united approximately 15 minutes later. It is suspected that this was a temporary separation at best without any long lasting effects on either body or shadow. No precautions regarding the workings of sundials need to be taken at this time although it is advised to be vigilant regarding their accuracy over the next few days. Please also note that while the separation was in effect, body and shadow seemed to reverse their color retaining properties with the body losing color and exhibiting only earthen tones while the shadow gained access to the full color spectrum. If I didn’t know better I’d say that this is pretty much impossible.

It goes without saying that this image is not a composite but a single image. No photoshopping trickery is employed. Our organization prides itself in witnessing and documenting nature’s most unusual phenomena. We do not resort to, nor support, falsifying photographic documentation of these events.

You may wonder why this groundbreaking discovery was not immediately posted and reported on. This was due to the fact that our technician charged with monitoring this location experienced some lightheadedness upon observing this phenomenon. (No partying involved). She was immediately rushed to the nearest medical facility where she was kept for twenty-four hour surveilling. She was released in good health but we decided that the site needed the additional installation of radiation dosimeters to ensure the ongoing safety of our team.

We have since revised our psychological requirements for prospective team members (existing members are grandfathered although job reassignments are a possibility) to include testing for excessive emotional displays of “feelings”.

If I didn’t know better – Clare Bowen Sam Palladio


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Taken on May 29, 2016