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My Handheld Game Collection

(I felt like contributing again - I feel a little bit better about myself - Wait! I have one more picture after this I want to send out...)


Yeah, 20 years or so, and I still like handheld video games. ^_^;


I've had just about every variation of Nintendo's Game Boy series since they came out. I had the original big green-toned Game Boy, but I lost it, or it was stolen? I was a bit upset about that, since I customized it a bit. (Basically, I removed the outer case, painted it black, and swapped one of the buttons with an NES controller button.)


In the lower center, I have a Game Boy Pocket (Red). To the right of it, a Game Boy Color (Filled the need for color games until they brought out the Game Boy Advance.)


To the left of the GB Pocket is a find I had to get when the opportunity game up - SNK's Neo-Geo Pocket Color (In dire need of a CR2032 lithium coin cell) - I only have two games for it: Metal Slug 2nd Mission, and Neo-Turf Masters (Pales in comparison to its Neo-Geo cousin, but it's still fun to play.) Wish I had more Neo-Geo Pocket games.


Above the NGPC is my first Game Boy Advance - A platinum model, that goes perfectly with my platinum Game Cube. (Need to find my link cable for my Game Cube and Wii.)


Up on top is my pride and joy - My NES-themed Game Boy Advance SP - I've got 12 games for it, all keepers. I'm just impressed at how long the GBA SP holds a battery charge. (Fired it up about half an hour ago to play "The Pinball Of The Dead")


A fun tidbit about the NES-themed GBA SP - I spotted one at SpaceCat in San Jose, and they wanted quite a bit for it - Yeah, I think I'll hold on to mine for a long, long time.


Alas, I do not have a DS, or a DSi - However, if someone were wanting to get me one, I wouldn't mind. (Just don't make me have to do anything really debasing, disgusting, or embarassing to earn it, ok? ^_^;)

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Taken on March 22, 2010