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Harry and Harriet Harrier... | by Randy E. Crisp
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Harry and Harriet Harrier...

This pair was flying acrobatics (probably mating rituals) all over the area I was in, this is the ONLY shot that I have ever gotten that was decent, in my opinion, and it was really not that great due to the distance of them.

There were 'at least' 5 Harriers last year that I could count at Hagerman's below Lake Texoma in Texas, they are very hard to sneak up on, I have not been lucky with any of them in my entire life. This is as good as it gets for me, I mean, I felt lucky to see them like this, and I even got a bad shot, but I did help make it appear to look 'normal'.


Northern Harrier

Scientific name: Circus cyaneus


I used the program, A.I. Gigapixel to enlarge the image as a test, and really, it did pretty danged good. I enlarged in only 25% more, I have also tried 50% more and that too looked pretty good, but this didn't need to be that large.


If you want to try out the A.I. Gigapixel for a free trial for 30 days it's really something, I was impressed actually.

I will say this, it takes a LONG time to process, and you will need a fairly strong computer, Topaz even says on their site whether or not you will be able to with your PC. (I don't know about a Mac) It took my PC 'around' 20-30 minutes to process this into a PNG file. (It does PNG and Tiff, and JPG. (jpeg is very lossy with information though, hence my using the other file format)

This program costs $99.00 too, so... You might want to consider that. :)


What I would like to use it for is, I started out on a Nikon 990 which was only, 3.34 megabytes, and, my first DSLR was a Canon 450D that was only 12 megs (?) or so, they are really small compared to what we have now. Back years ago my screen resolution was also very low and now, it's 1920x1200, which is not extremely high, or low, I am not a gamer, so mine is fine for now.


The reason I bring this up is I have taken old images that I shot years ago and have enlarged them to a size that could be shown in a decent size on today's screen resolutions. I have about 3 more weeks of use with this free trial, so I am going to keep using it until it stops working, at that time I will make up my mind if it is worth it to spend that much for a program that I don't have to have, but 'might' need in the future.

A company that deals with images is a different story though, I can see this as being really useful.


Make up your own mind, or at least try it out if you can. It's not perfect, but it does better than just enlarging pixels without it, using pixels that your PC just makes up out of thin air. :)


I am not at all affiliated with Topaz at all, I am just a happy user, that's all.


Here's a link to their store.


I also use their, Topaz DeNoise and Topaz Detail 3, I actually LOVE these programs, it makes life a lot easier.

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Uploaded on August 28, 2018