On Geometry and Speculation
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February – March, 2012
ESAV (Ecole Supérieure des Arts Visuels de Marrakech)

The exhibition On Geometry and Speculation takes the context of the city of Marrakech to investigate issues revolving around interdisciplinary representation in Islamic and Western art. The starting point is Islamic thought and the prohibition of depicting the world by imaging. This led to a representation of the world by mathematical form. The viewer will be directed to new ways of viewing Geometry, both historically as politically. The works presented by contemporary artists working with a divers set of media and materials will also be connected to the idea of education as a notion of promise and the status of affairs in Morocco after the Arab Spring. Through the physical act, the use of rhythm, algorithm and translation in sound and images the artists show different approaches to these issues.

With the artists: Martijn van Boven (NL) and Tom Tlalim (IS/UK), Julia Dault (US), Marjolijn Dijkman (NL), Germaine Dulac (FR), Aurélien Froment (FR), Berit Greinke (UK) and Alessandro Altavilla (UK), Navid Nuur (NL), Lisa Oppenheim (US), Amalia Pica (UK/AR), Esther Polak (NL) and Ivar van Bekkum (NL), Mike Rijnierse (NL), Bram Vreven (NL).

Lectures by Gosse de Kort (NL) and Xandra van der EIjk (NL), Martijn van Boven and Tom Tlalim.

Exhibition curated by Hicham Khalidi

Sponsored by: Mondriaan Fund, Stroom Den Haag, Embassy of the Netherlands in Morocco , European Cultural Foundation, The Canadian Council for the Arts, Hyzkia van Kralingen Transport, Concrete Image Stores
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