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Much To Lose | by ToySoldierThor
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Much To Lose

A simple manipulation relative to the messages it expresses.


For those that are going through the very complex, confusing and often life-endangering eating disorders of Anorexia or bulimia, this artwork may not make sense. What they see in the mirror and the way they see themselves is often an image that is never good enough for their standards.


For the afflicted there is often much more room for improvement in many aspects of their life that craves control and which they may feel they have lost. A possible control for them manifests itself as their control, improvement, loss of weight. They see it as there is always "MUCH TO LOSE".


As sad and scary as this is for those with an eating disorder, it is even worse for their loved ones that often feel helpless as they witness the self-destruction of one they love. For the loved ones of the afflicted there is also "MUCH TO LOSE" in that they risk losing the one they love.


But if they truly love this person and do not want to lose this person, they must first get out of their own denial that what they see is only normal or its "only a phase she/he is going through". Without your help - They Wont! Loved ones need to accept what they are witnessing and take action. The actions may not be what some might naturally think.


The next step is to seek out all education on eating disorders and how to help their loved one get through this. Read the Internet. Call a help-line that specializes in eating disorders and ask for advice. Contact your Dr. Then take action on this advice.


Those with the disorder wont help themselves since they feel what they are doing is bettering themselves, perfecting themselves, controlling aspects of their life. So don't expect that just telling them that you suspect they have an eating disorder will make them go "OMG I didnt realize and I will now stop". They wont. They will be angry and only do a better job at hiding their weight loss actions from you. It has become an out of control obsession for them and they need much more help and support than that. They need a lot of love and support and well educated leadership / guidance (even though they wont see it that way) from those that love them.


So for the afflicted and their loved ones, there certainly is Much To Lose - but its surely not weight. If you love them - notice the issue, believe it, and Take Action.


There are several valuable sites online. Here is one good one on Eating Disorders:



This artwork is a true SL photo manipulation of several elements. Two model photos used from the several I took of my friend Wise Sandalwood on a studio green screen. She did not know what I was going to use the model photos for but i gave her the details of what i was looking for in the model (a teen girl partly undressed but not nude and poses as if she was examining herself in a mirror). The avatar she provided and the outfit were perfect. The avatar was a normally slightly thin but still curvy girl.


I then had to take the model facing away from the camera and use photoshop to make her agressively unhealthy stick-like thin. I then took the avatar facing the camera and made her exceptionally curvatious. I was given the old fashioned stand up mirror from a fellow SL Merchant (thanks Sonya Haight) to photograph on a green screen as well.


I then merged the main elements together. I added a seperate mirror-glass oval in PS and used it to layer mask the front facing avatar expicitly into the mirror. Finally I added/blended three textures from Pareeerica's amazing library of textures into the art to give it that worn and weathered rusting frame appearance. The rust is symbolic as rust flaking from steel that once was strong is like lbs of weight falling from a woman (or man) that once was healthy and strong.




>> Wise Sandelwood for the perfect Avatar model shape and clothing to use for my work (and use of her time and green screen studio)


>> Sonia Haight: for the donation of her Antique Standup Mirror in Secondlife


>> Texture: PAREEERICA-Rust & Cement:


>> Texture: PAREEERICA-Gold Bullion:


>> Texture: PAREEERICA-Maniac:


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Taken on December 22, 2011