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IronHorse Express | by ToySoldierThor
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IronHorse Express

Featured in my SL Art Gallery -


On March 17th, 2011 I was invited to a SecondLife sim called "HOBO ISLAND" to play a game of Greedy. The sim looked cool as soon as I landed so I cammed around to explore.


During my exploration, my cam ran into an incredible build of an old steam locomotive and one boxcar attached - sitting on one of two rail lines. The build and the texturing of both the train and the rail line were amazing. It has an old rusted abandoned texturing theme to it - as if the train had been sitting on the same track for 50 years.


I knew right away that I had to do something with it!! I took a photo of it from an angle that would make the old train look tall and majestic and as if it might be on the move and coming toward the camera.


Then I had to do something with it. As I was thinking of ideas, I went through th painstaking task of removing the entire background sky and back buildings. Then it came to me... I wanted to use the old rusted train as if it was some kind of time traveller that was just arriving into the station from some time in history. Upon its arrival through its time travelling voyage, it experienced the ravages of time upon its ironhorse flesh.


As such, I named the train and the this artwork - The IRONHORSE EXPRESS


I took a Real Life photo of an old styled textured clock on our wall and used it as a symbolic reference of time/history as the train appears to be leaving or travelling away from history and into the current day. I applied several textures both underneath and over top of the train and the clock to add to the atmosphere of old dirty aged. Also, one texture was used to show whisps of steam blowing back from the piston to give the apeparance of the train actually being alive and moving fowrard.


Finally, i subtly added the initials of JB to the front of the locomotive in honor of my father-in-law who past away several years ago of cancer. He was a career railway man who also absolutely loved trains (as have I been - I wanted to be a locomotive engineer as a kid). So this artwork is in honor of his spirit.




The main Train photograph is my own photograph from the virtual world of SecondLife. I abided by all terms and conditions formally set out by the owners of SecondLife - LindenLab Inc. when taking this photograph. See details of builders of the sim in SecondLife that I photographed below:


The SecondLife 3D Builder & Sim info where I took photo...

Artists: "Hobo Cast Aways" (group)


SURL LM (need SL Viewer to use this link) :


three of the textures used to enhance this artwork are from my private stock of textures.


Also credits to Pareeerica's textures:

Firewalker -

Entity -

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Taken on March 19, 2011