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  • He looks like a Bob!

I think he's got his eye on me!

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These are skel-a-mingos! My niece's high school dance team has a fundraiser every year where you come out in the morning to a flock of pink flamingos in your yard and a sign that says "You've been flocked by the dance team!" Your donation is a ransom to have the beedy eyed little buggers removed and you can choose to send them on to a friend or buy insurance for the year to make sure they don't return! This year they have added a flock of skel-a-mingos to the several flocks of pink ones they have going out. The boys were much more excited about skeleton flamingos in our yard than the pink variety we had the last two years :)


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  1. dr_nik 78 months ago | reply

    What a creative fundraiser! Very cool!

    Seen in the group"NUTTY GIRLS WITH CAMERAS" (?)

  2. Wendy * Darling 78 months ago | reply

    yikes! They are creepy!!! HBW =)

  3. miss.bailey 78 months ago | reply

    ah, i love this! that bokeh is amazing, seriously. and flamingos can mean only one thing, usually anyway, that you live in the sunshine state. ;)


  4. miss.bailey 78 months ago | reply

    i'm wrong, cali, lol. warm all the same. ;)

  5. Gigi H 78 months ago | reply

    That is so creative, our future minds @ work. Very cool skelamingos!

    Seen in the group"NUTTY GIRLS WITH CAMERAS" (?)

  6. Beeeeezzz 78 months ago | reply

    LOL!!!! OMG, I was sitting here looking at the thumbnail trying to figure out what kind of exotice bird that was... leaning more toward aboriginal design. How cute!!

  7. Beeeeezzz 78 months ago | reply

    Okay, I just read about the photo... HBW by the way!!!
    What a fantastic fund raising idea!!! How fun.... so much more fun than selling candy or magazine subscriptions. Yes, this is one for the mental archives! ;-)

  8. {rialynn} 78 months ago | reply

    OMG! These totally kick butt! My kids want some now.!

  9. Melissa M'Lou 78 months ago | reply

    These are the coolest thing!

  10. Laura (Tigerlily999) 78 months ago | reply

    They are cool - and creepy :)

  11. {Melissa B Photography} 78 months ago | reply

    how much fun is that! and a little creepy too :)

  12. sanboogie 78 months ago | reply

    That is a really neat idea! The skele-mingos are pretty funny too!

  13. ambie52311 {amber} 78 months ago | reply

    what a nifty and creative idea!! i love these!

  14. LiJo14 { Li } 78 months ago | reply

    Woah, creepy! That's a cool idea for a fund raiser!

  15. {Christine|CF Photography} 78 months ago | reply

    Thats awesome! These are WAY better than the pink ones!

  16. pbruch 78 months ago | reply

    ok... back away slowly.. :-)

  17. KoriG 76 months ago | reply

    What a great fundraiser!
    I love the skelemingos!!

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