RH: Phoenix Nebula

Enigma 2.0


is here.


Major features:

- .EXE Installer

- GUI widget manager.

- Template configs - usable right out of the box.

- Black & white variants for every widget.

- Individual story links for the RSS Reader.

- Show/hide button for Sidebar.

- New mail indicator for Gmail Icon.

The download includes a complete changelog. Everything announced in the preview was accomplished.


Wallpaper cropped from Phoenix Nebula by ~freelancah.

  • arghjel 6y

    hey, great work kaelri. i had a quick question - how do you change the moxaweather icons to dark? i see the enigmadark folder under the skins/moxaweather folder, but can't figure out how to use them.
  • Michael Engard 6y

    arghjel: Just copy all the icons in Enigma Dark and overwrite the ones in the folder above. :) (And you might want to back up the originals if you want to switch back in the future.)
  • TJ Markham 6y

    I'm glad to hear about the RSS feeds!
    I was about to start working on individually linking them that last night and then I thought to myself, "isn't the Enigma update coming soon? I'll wait till that comes out before I do anymore coding"
    A viola! No hacking needed. Thank you.
  • Bryan Kolb 6y

    Very cool. Very, very cool.
  • D.R.K.1 6y

    A friend of mine who I introduced to Rainmeter had long denounced it for it's lack of a decent UI... Enigma 2.0 redeemed it for him. You saved a Rainmeter user. o_O
  • dac1a 6y

    Wonderful work and truly appreciated...

    One question:

    Can my Rainmeter settings be saved as a "theme" or the like so I can switch from one config (say Enigma) to another without having to redo all setting preferences each time?

  • Michael Engard 6y

    tjmarkham3: Love when things work out like that. :)

    D.R.K.1: Pleased to be of service.

    dac8: There is. That's how the templates work, actually. Just make a copy of your Rainmeter.ini. Assuming you don't change the config files themselves, you can use that backup to restore Rainmeter's entire state.
  • Chaebi69 6y

    Toggle doesn't seem to work on me =(
  • Michael Engard 6y

    Could be that the skins aren't in the right place. Check Rainmeter.log and see if it's giving you errors ("Unknown config name...")
  • Saad Baig 6y

    You can have multiple instances of rainmeter "themes" running? Are you serious? I would use that sooooooo much right now since I need to keep 1 config but have to start on another.........too bad I've changed the config files for the clocks :(
  • Saad Baig 6y

    @Nabeel: I am going to start thinking of new skins for Enigma. I want a Yahoo Email notifier :) But me and Kaelri already talked about that :(
    I'm in compooper class right now, so It might take me a while to think of new idea's but I WILL revive Enigma :) Ill be back ^ ^
  • -Nabeel 6y

    Saad :
    Woah, that's a tough challenge :)
    Come to think of it, I'll like a Yahoo notifier too, since I can't get Gmail to fetch my Yahoo! mail (needs Yahoo! Plus).
    Good luck.
  • Michael Engard 6y

    Saad: There's no reason you can't make copies of your skin files. I do so frequently. It would break the Home launcher, of course, but I assumed that sufficiently experienced Rainmeter users would bypass that anyway.

    And of course you're welcome to make your own Enigma-style skins, but I do reserve the right to define "official" releases. :)

    On the Yahoo Mail issue: I just used Rainmeter's web parser plugin to access Gmail. I was able to do this because Gmail lets you access your inbox as an RSS feed. The only way to get at Yahoo is if a) they decide to do the same thing, or b) someone makes a dedicated Rainmeter plugin to access Yahoo Mail. I fully encourage anyone who's interested to take up the challenge.
  • Saad Baig 6y

    @Nabeel & Kaelri: Yea, we already had this talk about it. Too bad Googles knows that there doing, and Yahoo Doesn't :( But its no big deal, I check my Yahoo like 4-5 times a day so its not like I need it, but it would have been nice. I don't know why I don't switch to Gmail. I think its because of the fact that I've been using Yahoo since I was 8 and that ALL my accounts are linked to it. I don't know. But I don't plan to change because a meter can't check it for meh.

    @ Kaelri. I really (to be honest think that the home skin was a waste of time (hey its my opinion) I don't use it, since I am a not a big GUI fan when it comes to rainmeter. abd plus it doesn't have all the configs. And I probably will be copying the files ASAP, because I have had to change my layout SOOO many times. Just take a look at my photostream, I've already done 33+ desktops (+ because I've made some desktops before I came to flickr to host them) in 3 months, thats about a new desktop every 3 days. Thats alot. I am already about to gain (and steal) cain novocain's top contributor spot on lifehacker. So its REALLY useful
  • gold fish 6y

    love it :)
  • Sergey Moosatov 6y


    Thanks for Enigma 2 - I'll definitely use some of rainmeter scripts. For example, Notes and Reader. By the way, in Reader source there's a line which fixes the sticking link meters instead feed meters:

    LeftMouseDownAction=!execute [!RainmeterShowMeter Feed1][!RainmeterHideMeter Link1] (...) [!RainmeterShowMeter Title][!RainmeterHideMeter TitleActive][!RainmeterRedraw]

    As it is one more click to do (on the title) and I am too lazy for that, I've written a bit more comfortable version of this fixer:

    SolidColor=0, 0, 0, 1
    MouseOverAction=!execute [!RainmeterShowMeter Feed1][!RainmeterHideMeter Link1] (...) [!RainmeterShowMeter Title][!RainmeterHideMeter TitleActive][!RainmeterRedraw]

    And it can be done for other three sides, thus making a "frame" of fixer.
  • Michael Engard 6y

    Hmm. That's not a bad idea. I might add something like that in the official package. (I'll credit you for the idea, of course.) :)
  • Sergey Moosatov 6y

    Wow, thanks! Glad you like it :]
  • bftb3 6y

    How can i brighten up the arcs clock?
  • malcolmd3 6y

    um should i use this on my netbook? this will be my first experience with windows and i want it to look pretty like my mac. Any advice?
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