Fata Morgana (Desktop 16)

This will probably be my last proper desktop for the year. Like Wing, it's an experimental design, not really what I'm using on a regular basis. It's a departure from my usual aesthetic - it lacks a central focal point, it uses a lot of icons, and it leaves the edges open.


I'm not sure if it's ethical to submit this to Lifehacker as an "Enigma-inspired" desktop, seeing as it's my own theme, so I'll leave that decision to them.


I used a fantastic Autohotkey script, courtesy of ryemcc, which allows me to show/hide the taskbar by pressing the sorely-neglected Pause key. As a result, virtually nothing is visible except the desktop and what's on it - namely, some superficial edits to my Rainmeter theme.


I'm experimenting with a very primitive "Launcher" skin. Adding the following line to any object (ideally an image) will allow it to run the specified command when double-clicked. I don't think that's precisely how it's intended to be used, but it works.


LeftMouseupAction=!Execute ["command"]


I do want to credit Dylan Bloom, whose desktop got me thinking about a desert look, as well as pulling the taskbar into the middle.


- - - - - - -


- Wallpaper: Fatamorgana by norbi.

- Rainmeter theme: Enigma.

- Icons: "ecqlipse 2".

- Inspiration: Desert Dreams - An "Enigma" Modification.

- Clocks: 1.

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Uploaded on November 19, 2008