Van Wert City Schools | High School Outdoor Bleacher Replacement
The original stadium, dedicated in 1936, holds a lot of history within the Van Wert community and was part of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), created to provide jobs to people during the Great Depression. After a failed code compliance and safety inspection for the Visitors’ Side bleachers, the district knew it was time to rebuild.

In September of 2017, a survey went live to the Van Wert Community with three options for the High School Stadium:

Renovating Eggerss Stadium (new locker room/concession stand facility)
Demolishing the stadium and either:

Building a new stadium on the Eggerss Stadium site
Building a new stadium at the current middle school-high school location
Ultimately, the community voted to keep the High School football field at its original downtown location rather than moving it to the new High School/Middle School, now located nearly 2 miles away.

Our featured Outdoor Bleacher vendor, SturdiSteel supplied the new 15 Rows by 120’ Elevated Bleacher with 26” Row Spacing, an 8” Rise, 1,069 Net Seats with a Closed Deck System. Additional features include Aluminum Clear Anodized Seat Boards, Double Aluminum Mill Finish Footboards, closed deck, Aluminum Anodized Rear Risers and a Galvanized Steel Frame Understructure. The new seating now has two exit stairs and a Wheelchair Ramp for ADA Compliance on the right side of the bleacher for access to the 10 Wheelchair Spaces and Companion Seating.
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