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Mini-challenge_The Voyage | by Mark of Siloam
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Mini-challenge_The Voyage

Story update for Garheim on Be sure to join Garheim if you haven't yet. ;)


*Separate pictures of boat to follow.



Garheim Global Story Update- “The Voyage”



“Jarl, he is waiting with the information.” A Mikithdar guard announced to Jarl Eindrik, “Shall I show him into the room?”

“Yes, do.” The Jarl said in his commanding voice, “And call my advisors.” He ordered as the guard bowed before turning to leave.

Jhirian Eindrik rubbed his face. He avoided complaining of his near-fatal wound by offering it for those who died fighting Galainir’s men. He then prepped himself for the meeting about to take place; a meeting that was sure to have an immense effect on the future of his beloved Garheim.



The Jarl entered into the sunlit room where the meeting was to take place. As he expected, there was a large table in the center with rolled up piece of paper on it. He walked to the end nearest the paper and the chatter slowed. When all eyes were fixed on him he began to unroll the paper. He and a few others in the room had seen this before; it was a map of the new archipelago, handsomely paid for. As he was opening the paper everyone in the room shuffled to get as close to the Jarl for a good viewing angle. After a few moments of looking the map over, Jarl Eindrik asked the man directly to his left, “I’ve been told you now have the information I requested. Which ones are claimed?”

He spoke, “Lenfald has claimed the NE island and is now expanding to also include the NW island.” The Jarl drew his bushy eyebrows together slightly. “Why on earth not that one?” Asked the Jarl, pointing to the island closest to New Lenfald.

“I have no idea why, possibly they knew the outlaws were planning a settlement there and wanted to avoid trouble. And finally, I have reason to believe that Loreos is preparing a fleet to set sail to this group of islands.” He said as he reached out a pointed to a close group of islands near where he was standing.

The Jarl stood in silence for a while before saying, “King Chartress has said nothing of these islands limiting us, so we will claim one.



A necessary debate followed in order to choose the best investment of a Garheim settlement. All viewpoints were considered. After everyone voiced their opinions, the votes were as follows: 8 of those present wished to colonize the island NW of Loreos’s, 2 wanted to colonize the island west of the Outlaws, and one wanted to drive the Outlaws from their island. It was decided that the Garheim colony would be founded upon the island NW of Loreos’s, the logical one with the most votes. There is already a fleet waiting in the harbor of Jahrton Bay. The first colonizers are set to leave in two days time.

The fleet is being captained by Alvis Angul and his first mate Galaeron Crabanise. Another onboard of note is Magnus Erlingson. Together, they have enough knowledge, sea-daring, skill in governance, and courage to voyage to a virtually unknown island and begin a new colony.


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Uploaded on June 3, 2016