Vintage 1940s Mr. Peanut costume

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    We were doing a show this weekend in Puyallup, Washington and this was the one thing I would have loved to bring home! A 1940s, plastic Mr. Peanut costume. However with a price tag of $10,000.00 he was sadly left behind!

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    1. Vintage Roadside 74 months ago | reply

      jeremyhead - C'mon, how often do you get the chance to add a Mr. Peanut costume to your wardrobe:-)

    2. jabb08 66 months ago | reply

      I have one exactly the same for sale on ebay right now. Starting at $800.00!!!!!!! anyone who wants mr peanut. Only 5 days left on the auction.!!

    3. jabb08 66 months ago | reply

      here is the ebay link to buy mr peanut starting at 800$$....

    4. jabb08 66 months ago | reply

      if the site doesnt work just go on ebay and search..
      Vintage 1940's Mr Peanut costume

    5. Vintage Roadside 66 months ago | reply

      jabb08 - Thanks for the link. I'll take a look.

    6. jabb08 66 months ago | reply

      no problem. Your the only person I know with a picture of the costume. I wish I had more information about it, do you know where i can obtain more information about the costume?

    7. katzenfinch 65 months ago | reply

      Wow, ten grand? I’d part with mine for a tenth of that. I’d say it’s 1970s vintage, though:

    8. Vintage Roadside 65 months ago | reply

      katzenfinch - Wow! You have one? These people were pretty set on not selling theirs:-) I think the last one on Ebay went for somewhere around $450.00 or so. How long have you had yours?

    9. katzenfinch 65 months ago | reply

      I bought it in March of ’06 for a local production of The Book of Liz, a play by Amy and David Sedaris (comedy, natch). The folks who sold it are very involved in Peanut Pals, a group of dedicated collectors of Mr. Peanut advertising items. It’s in great shape and a lot of fun to have around. I’m in no hurry to sell it – unless I got enough for it to buy a Canon Digital Rebel Xsi and a long lens....

    10. chadrob30 63 months ago | reply

      I work for Planter's here in Fort Smith and we have one of those costumes that gets pulled out for official work functions...

    11. Vintage Roadside 63 months ago | reply

      chadrob30 - Thanks for your comment. Any idea of the history behind these? I'm wondering what time period they were available.

      So, who gets to wear it at the work functions?

    12. highfive2009 58 months ago | reply

      i have just come on board, and saw the Mr. Peanut. I have one in my closet that my dad used back in the 60's in front of our local grocery store for extra money on the week end,fri./sat. I did not know that it was worth so much. It looks almost as new as the Mr.Peanut. I will be willing to sell it for a lot less if any body is looking. contact me,revtlministries

    13. Vintage Roadside 58 months ago | reply

      highfive2009 - I wish my dad would have been Mr. Peanut on the weekends! Do you have any photos of him in the costume? We'd love to have one of these. I'll send you an email:-)

    14. Azure and Rai's Twisted Art Photography 57 months ago | reply

      The one from 1940's was way different.
      This is from 60's to 80's
      worth around $1000.00 with hat
      I have one without hat and can not give away

    15. Vintage Roadside 50 months ago | reply

      Azure and Rai's - Sorry I missed your comments. What a great pair! Do you still have the Mr. Peanut?

    16. TheHouseofKerri 50 months ago | reply

      I was looking on line just for fun, and what pops up? It's my Mr. Peanut costume. I'm the owner of the Mr. Peanut costume in this picture at the antique show in Puyallup, Washington. The story to this Mr.Peanut goes like this. My mother lives in Fairbanks, Alaska. There, they have a community dump that people can recycle useable items. One day, back in the 1990's my mother discovered the Mr. Peanut costume in the dump. He is a found peanut. Mr. Peanut was found in mint condition, as you see in the picture. She took him home and put him in her garage for years. Then I got into antiques and collectables and started selling at the Palmer-Wairfs Antique and Collectable shows in Tacoma, Washington. My mother told me that she had a Mr.Peanut costume, and when she came down for my eldest sons graduation in 2002, she would bring him down as well. He has been a major part of my antique display ever sense 2004. At that time, the antique shows were at the Tacoma Dome and Harry Rinker (antique apraiser) was a part of the shows doing evaluation. I took Mr. Peanut to Harry Rinker for a evaluation expecting a modest evaluation. He valued Mr. Peanut at $125.00 which I knew was wrong. I put $5000.00 on Mr Peanut at that time. Soon after, Harry Rinker walked by to see what price I had put on Mr Peanut. Later I found out that Harry Rinker had a Mr. Peanut collection and wanted my Mr. Peanut. I've had many responses about Mr. Peanut, from" I wore that costume when I was a kid", to "is that the real price"?. The price is $10,000.00 for a couple of reasons.
      #1. He's a momma's gift.
      #2 His history and condition.
      #3 His value will only go up as time goes by.
      I was very surprised to see the picture of my Mr. Peanut costume on-line and will forward the site to my mom and family members. They will be happy to see it as well.
      Thank you for stopping by my booth at the show. If you are there on Noverber 4,5,& 6, 2010, please, let me know that you've seen my Mr.Peanut on the internet. or that you took the picture. I'd like to say Thank you.
      Kerri De'Noble
      The House of Kerri

    17. Vintage Roadside 50 months ago | reply

      Hi Kerri,

      I'm glad you found the photo of your Mr. Peanut. I remember talking with you at the show that day, and you mentioned that the costume had some great personal value and that that was reflected in your price. He looks fantastic in your booth and I'm sure he starts some great conversations!

    18. doug.schoeffler 42 months ago | reply

      My wife has one of the originals also and wore it to work for Halloween last Friday. With black slacks, turtleneck, white gloves and a cane it looked great! Alas Mr. Peanut just sits in the garage getting dust on his shell most of the year. for information. She has the original cane, gloves, and white shoe cuffs. And your wrong, its not that heavy!

    19. Mewkew3 20 months ago | reply

      There is one like it on Ebay for $650 right now.

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