Sisters Academy Sweden Part no I - The Boarding School
The Swedish initiation of Sisters Academy will be co-produced with Inkonst and carries the project-titel Sisters Academy Malmö. Sisters Academy Malmö will fall in two parts – Respectively Inkonst will be transformed into a boarding school in September 2015 – A laboratory to explore what the school of a Sensuous society might be. In February 2016 we will take over the leadership of a Swedish upper secondary school. We are currently searching for the school.

Sisters Academy – The boarding school

Sisters Academy – The boarding school, which will manifest at Inkonst, will be a large-scale immersive and durational performance-installation. However, the universe will not be entirely ceiled in that ‘real-life’ teachers from the previously manifested Sisters Academy will participate as teachers in this universe. They will blend in with the performer-teachers and thus the movement of penetration of everyday life into the art institution will be as manifest as the penetration of art has been into everyday life institutions in the work of Sisters Hope (and other interventionist art) previously.

All the three stages of Inkonst will be transformed into a boarding school where the co-participating audience is invited to enroll as students (and possibly advance to become substitute teachers) at the school. They will be provided with a bed, a set of clothes and basic school materials. In this universe they will live their everyday life but on rather strange conditions as this no school like others but one of a possibly future sensuous society.

Besides taking classes, falling in love with their school-mates, cooking, doing chores and engage with the inexplicable twin sisters and head mistresses Coco and Coca Pebber the enrolled students will interact with the cast.

During the manifestation at the Inkonst we will be in close dialogue with local Swedish upper secondary schools and in the process find a school of which we will take over the actual leadership for two weeks.

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