SLANC-BRB phase 3
This is a grand extension of our previous route, "Liverpool to Manchester Victoria and Manchester Piccadilly - BR Blue Period", on which it is based and will contain all of what has already been published.

We will release it in stages, usually after a phase has been completed. This is Phase 3

The planned phases are:
1. Warrington to Speke (connecting with the existing secton of the WCML, and leading to Garston) - completed
2. Warrington to Chester - completed
3. Golborne to Wigan North Western
4. Wigan to a simplified Preston.
5. Runcorn and Warrington to Weaver Junction, and then on to a simplified Crewe
6. Windsor Bridge to Wigan Wallgate
7. Wigan to St Helens to Huyton Junction
8. St Helens to Widnes
9. Windsor Bridge to Euxton Junction (WCML)
10. Crewe to Chester
11. Crewe to Piccadilly
12. Mid Cheshire line (Chester to Piccadilly)
13. Stockport to Warrington
14. Others to be decided
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