my iphone slipped out of my hands as i was putting it in my pocket. about 3-4 foot drop. i guess it fell perfectly and shattered the whole screen. i also took a picture of the back witch had no damage at all. phone works perfectly minus the screen being cracked all over. the glass shards are now falling out near the ipod button. so this looks like its a $600 fall. i thought that it would be able to hold an occasional fall. but i guess along as the phone works (and i don't cut my self ill be fine).

I just got back form the apple store. it was a grim day. all of the mac geniuses have never seen such damage. but there is still hope to save the phone. its going to be a $249 fee, but they are going to be able to replace the glass. since they were not able to fix the phone on the spot they where able to offer me a rental phone for only $30 until they where able to repair, and send me back my Iphone.
i will do another update when i receive my phone.
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