20070110 George W. Bush

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    President George W. Bush concludes his address to the nation about New Way Forward, "The Surge" Wednesday evening, Jan. 10, 2007, from the White House Library, where President Bush outlined a new strategy on Iraq.

    White House photo by Eric Draper.

    For: CBS News’s Katie Couric Interviews Senator John McCain about Iraq — Would a media that is liberal do this?, Part 2 posted on truthmonk.wordpress.com/

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      Just wanted to let you know we love your image! We love it so much, in fact, that we’d like to borrow it to accompany a news article on Drum Channel. Of course, we will credit you and provide a link to the original image. Here’s a link to the article:


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      I'd like to use this photo for an amateur music parody video I am making about George's time in office... The video is friendly but critical, and this photo I would use for a brief Colbert-style word from George. The soundtrack for the video is already done and is excellent and I am seeking video content to match the quality of the audio.

      Thanks for considering this request.

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