Bartlett-A Texas Town Stuck In Time
Bartlett-A Texas Town Stuck In Time is an appropriate caption in this case. Bartlett was founded in 1881 on the MK&T Railroad line. Town lots were laid out and by the end of the 1800's it had grown into a thiving community. However, a early 20th century decline in the locally grown cotton business was both a blessing and a curse. Economically it was bad but the ensuing stagnation allowed many of Bartlett's early homes and buildings to survive such as this 1895 example on West Pietzsch street. It's across the street from a landmark Presbyterian church and for sale (as is the church) it is remarkably intact inside-awaiting the next owner to give it the TLC and preservation it deserves. the beaten path Bartlett is unspoiled and decidedly "un-touristy"...please help keep it that way, thanks!
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