This series is a result of my fascination of Bruno Schulz's work. Despite the fact that Schulz's novels are my main inspiration I wish my series wasn't seen as illustrations but as an effort to create my own reality.
The series was intentionally made as a story. I wanted to create the atmosphere between reality and dream, the atmosphere that could intrigue and make the viewers "read" the stories and create their own.
My work is a result of longing for world's mysteriousness but also a desire for creating my own world based on memories and dreams. I wanted to show childchood both from the perspective of children and grown-ups to find the connection between children's fascination and that nostalgic distance which is proper to grown-ups.
The city, the second "character" of my series, is placed beyond time and space and it's partly made of memories. I tried to describe it basing on antinomies so it's dark and bleak but also intriguing at the same time, it's scary but it's also safe, it's well known but it's mysterious and full of places waiting to discover. The cobbled streets and old tenements are the part of the child's universe in which grown-ups are very often just a part of the background.
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