Bubble Rip (Storm Wave)

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A popping soap bubble. It would be great to record the sound of a bubble popping, slow it down and play it over slow motion footage of a bubble bursting.

I'd trade some light for depth of field here, but I like the shot. The ripping action reminds me of a storm front passing across land. It must be like a wave.

I've taken other bubble popping photos, so have a look in my Bubbles set for more.

I think those tearing streaks form lines. What do you think?

This photo has featured in the UK national press, numerous magazines, and has had mentions on TV (including GMTV and Good Morning America).

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  1. 문모네 25 months ago | reply

    i really really love this picture. can i save and print it? i want to put this my room.

  2. richard.heeks 25 months ago | reply

    Thanks. :-) I've sent you a flickr message.

  3. Andrew Gordon - Cairns Photography 22 months ago | reply

    This is an unreal shot well done. Hard getting a ballon to do this let alone a bubble. Very well done.

  4. WorfTrek of Anmore 22 months ago | reply

    Just delightful! So well done!

  5. TJ Boarman 21 months ago | reply

    Wow! Im just blown away no pun intended.

  6. Cat baby 21 months ago | reply


  7. robsbobs 20 months ago | reply

    please let me have a copy. i love it

  8. Helgrrr 16 months ago | reply

    This is a stunning capture, I presume you used continuous shooting, how many tries did it take

  9. richard.heeks 16 months ago | reply

    Thanks. I do use continuous shooting, of 5 frames per second. I probably get a pop shot once in every 50 or so shots. But I need the right weather conditions, light, shade, etc etc. It's kind of easy when everything is on my side, but kind of impossible if it's not. :-)

  10. clairetordjman 16 months ago | reply

    Hello I'm Claire Tordjman and I'm working in an advertising agency in Paris for healtcare : Saatchi

  11. richard.heeks 16 months ago | reply

    Hi Claire. I am wondering if you are trying to contact me, so I have just sent you a flickr mail. Feel welcome to email me at rjheeks@hotmail.com :-)

  12. - MAGA - 15 months ago | reply

    Awesome shot! Congrats!

  13. Joao.Pires 8 months ago | reply

    stunning. congratulations

  14. eugenm001 8 months ago | reply

    Hi, I was just wondering how copyright works for this and similar rights images. I see your picture here: welltimedphotos.com/bubble-bursts-at-the-right-moment/#.U... and I wonder how come that there isn't even a watermark or a reference to you of Bancroft. I am just about to start a website that will use lots of pics and while checking on what others do when it comes to picture sharing or "borrowing" I've run into the above and got curious. Hopefully they've purchased the rights from you. Great pic, by the way. Cheers!

  15. richard.heeks 8 months ago | reply

    Hi eugenm001. I have had contracts with media and advertising agencies, including Barcroft. I own the rights to most of my images, but images are occasionally also loaned out to companies. So it can be a bit complex overall, but I know which images are being used by who, etc etc - so I can keep track of everything. I tend not to watermark my photos, simply because I don't like the aesthetic of having text on what I feel should be a pure image. But I'm also aware that this can get me into trouble (I have been criticized for not watermarking), and it's something I'm considering. People occasionally use my images without permission. In which case I contact them, work out the extent of the usage, and sometimes request compensation. Simply, my images on flickr are my property (as is made clear by the copyright image), and so if anyone wants to use my images they have to contact me first to negotiate an agreement. The legality of image usage can no doubt get very complex, but the basic principles should be/are quite simple, because the image begins its life belonging to the photographer. Hope this helps.

  16. eugenm001 8 months ago | reply

    Thanks for your response. Not sure if you elected to not get into the referenced website's case on purpose or not. I will contact you over email, if that is OK. I get that the copyright is yours. I just wanted to talk to the point, using the example provided, as I see that they are not specifying anything copyright wise, for any of the pics. Thanks

  17. richard.heeks 8 months ago | reply

    Yes, I avoided mentioning that site. Truth is that I'm not sure if I have consented to this usage or not. There's no mention of my name, which is not a good sign. But it perhaps depends on how you got to that page. I'm not as IT savvy as I like to think.

  18. eugenm001 8 months ago | reply

    Hmm, OK. That clarifies it. It seems like they suck pics from everywhere and they don't give any credit to anyone, in any way. Thanks.

  19. ecstaticist 8 months ago | reply

    On copyright...I was just ripped off by Travel + Leisure. They budget for when people push back, not for purchasing up front. My best recoup invoice was $800.00 from a local TV station. I saw it. Invoiced. They paid.

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