Pitzhanger Manor and Walpole Park Collection
Images of Pitzhanger Manor and Walpole Park digitised for Ealing Council by participants of the Accession Social Enterprise Archiving Project.

Accession offers skills training and employment pathways into the mainstream job market, supporting the economically inactive and marginalised parts of the population for whom traditional employment training programmes and routes into work may not have succeeded. Prominent amongst this group are people with severe learning difficulties, people with enduring mental health needs and people on the autistic spectrum.

We have made every effort to trace the copyright holders for the images displayed on this page. Please contact us directly with any issues involving crediting and copyright and we will rectify any problems immediately. Please do not reproduce any images without permission.

This project was made possible by the Heritage Lottery Fund. For more information please email Sarah Lowry at: sarah@hearinghistory.com.
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