The Image You've Slogged Through the Whole Set to See

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    Honestly, I don't know what the hell is wrong with these people.

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    1. slowburn1980 89 months ago | reply

      Please. Like you wouldn't have ridden the dino.

    2. fenriq 89 months ago | reply

      This is absolutely the money shot!

    3. alexnnero 89 months ago | reply

      I absolutely love this shot. One of those once in a life time things. Great job!

    4. newsbean 89 months ago | reply

      I'm sad he didn't get the memo about the brown people. Poor happy kid.

    5. filfre1 89 months ago | reply

      Photographic evidence of the middle american ghost dance.

    6. i know things 88 months ago | reply

      i think I saw something like this in Drawn Together...except with Nazis.

    7. Right Hand of Doom 88 months ago | reply

      "Awwwwww, I wanna ride the Jesusponysaurus too, Mommy!"

      That dino looks so, so depressed...

    8. snapesgirl34 87 months ago | reply

      I want to ride the dinosaur too. :(

    9. cannibalingus 83 months ago | reply

      I'm going to buy a cowboy hat, grab my aviators and transam jacket and head right over there.

    10. maelakest 82 months ago | reply

      @ demigoddessunderglass:

      Thanks a lot. Now for the first time in my life, i desperately want to visit Minneapolis.

      *adds another city to the list*

      SRSLY; as tourist attractions go, 'you can ride the world's largest dildo at sex world' has GOT to be the best brochure punch line i've ever heard. "But wait! That's not ALL! If you visit now, y ou not only get to hear the famous Great Lakes accent-range and visit Wisconsin dairy farms, but you can also RIDE THE WORLD'S LARGEST DILDO! At SEX WORLD! 'Because there's not enough to do in the winter!'"

    11. Loungechic 77 months ago | reply

      I was soooooo gonna go to this "museum" for shits and giggles, and then I saw this photo album and I think I just giggled so hard I shit. I <3 you. :P

      Plus seriously... this kid's expression makes me want to die it's so adorable. :-D Not to stereotype a nerd when I see it, but, uh.... I'm gonna go with future ATHEIST-virgin-gamer-nerd-SCIENTIST-grad student right there. Ah, the irony of his childhood. ;)

    12. ironleg 76 months ago | reply

      Hey kid in the photo: If you ever come across this photo later in life I hope it makes for the coup de grace for telling the story of how your folks took you to weird places as a kid.

    13. Malakee-Toda 69 months ago | reply

      Land of the Lost!

    14. SAMO© 68 months ago | reply

      that dinosaur he is riding is semi famous, it was in Bill Maher's movie "religulous" ... i think its time to cull the heard of humans and nullify any and all religions, for they are detrimental to our survival.. all religion does is divide us even more.. time to wake up to a new reality!

    15. jeff_465 68 months ago | reply

      What's wrong with YOU?

      that's awesome!

    16. mjranum 68 months ago | reply

      Those look like real AUTHENTIC PREHISTORIC NYLON SADDLE GIRTHS on that fistful of fail.

    17. EricPoole0704 31 months ago | reply

      This sure does explain all those metal saddle and bridle parts they find with dinosaur fossils.

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