Kingston University Foundation Application
I believe a Foundation course will offer me the opportunity to experiment with new areas of art and design. I am looking forward to being able to work on a larger scale and create more interactive work, for example installations, which I have not yet been fully able to explore.
I am interested by the ways artists interpret and represent the issues that impact them; in the way art comments on society. This particular aspect of art has been encouraged through my studies of Sociology at A level, a subject I find of great necessity in developing my understanding of the world around me. Although I enjoy Sociology, I have found it does not offer me the same level of creativity or exploration and expression from a more personal and individual perspective.
Art provides a form of independence, freedom, critical thinking, and space to stretch and manipulate my ideas that I have not experienced in any other subject. Art allows me to explore my world and express my ideas and as a result I see it as an essential part of my education.
I recently visited the Lowry exhibition at the Tate Britain, looking at the way he documented society at the time of the Industrial Revolution. Along with art that responds to its’ society and surroundings, I was also very impressed with the far more self-expressive and abstract work of Ibrahim El Salahi at the recent exhibition at Tate Modern. I have become very interested in Expressionist and Abstract art through the research for my Contextual Study, on artists who express their own frustrations and desires, as well as unrelated explorations such as El Salahi, who incorporated his Sudanese childhood through his abstract use of Arabic calligraphy styles in his work. An enjoyment of all takes on art has been reflected in my research and development since in my A level I have created both realistic and abstract pieces of work.
My contextual study this year is "How have Societal attitudes influenced Portrayals of Homosexuality throughout the History of European Art?" which I found exposed me to art that impacted on me not just on a sociological level, but also emotionally, giving me a greater understanding of the thoughts and ideas behind the work of Francis Bacon for example, and his passionate displays of his own frustrations.
I am keen to experiment, and during my A level, have worked with a range of new materials and dimensions that I had not previously understood. I have created both 2 and 3 Dimensional work and worked using a range of materials for example Leather and wood. I created a 3D box sculpture for my AS, which encroached into the viewers personal space, blurring the boundary between the object and the viewer. I then pushed this idea further to create my final piece where I made plaster moulds of my own face and confined them to square wooden boards instead. I hope to be able to explore the practical work further in my foundation year, working with a wider and more sophisticated range of materials and equipment.
In addition to my A Level studies I attended life drawing sessions outside of school, and a course at Slade Art School which has allowed me to develop my drawing techniques and explore mark making. However painting is the method I enjoy most, due to its versatility, and have used paint in a variety of ways during my A level. Due to the helpfulness of the drawing course I am planning to their course on Painting in the new year. The Slade course required students to work together, using our communication skills to create a final piece. This is something I would be eager to explore more of, and I believe a Foundation course would give me the opportunity to work in an environment with other creative people, sharing ideas and discussing work in collaboration with others.
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