3d pan white

Notice the Sunset...

...and be ready to shoot. :)


My grandson and I were out in the front yard distributing a few carrots to the horses when the sun started emerging from behind the clouds. Knowing it would soon settle behind the crest of Short Hill Mountain I ran in the house and grabbed my camera to capture the moment. This is one of our mares, Lacy, who seemed to be interested in the setting sun as well. At least that's how it looked to me. Anyway we found out later that night that this was captured eight minutes after our second grandson(Thomas Hopalong Luck Lussier) was born. Kinda makes this one special to me. :)


5 exposure, hand-held HDR.


Please take a moment and click on the image to see it large on a black background. It really looks nicer that way and thank you in advance for looking at my work and for any comments, critiques and favorites. :)

And please don't use my images without my consent.

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Taken on February 2, 2012