Protest March Whitefield Residents to BBMP Office, Mahadevpura
On 7th Dec 2013, Residents of various communities of whitefield took to the streets in protest of the death of a young kid in an accident near Hoodi . Her death could be attributed to Govt apathy. The Govt has failed to provide its citizens good roads, footpaths or even in regulating the heavy vehicle traffic during peak hours. A lot of vehicles park on the sides of the roads narrowing down the already bad road, while the Govt machinery chooses to look the other way. Today BBMP promised that work would start soon. But when will BWSSB stop digging? When will the Govt release the money sanctioned to the ward? Is it a case of lacking the political will? Or is it a case of red tape? Is the public willing to accept these excuses anymore?

After all this, if you ask the parents of the kid that died on the 4th of Dec 2013 or the hundreds of other such families who lost their beloved in road accidents caused directly due to Govt Apathy - all of them will tell you only one thing - that it wasn't an accident, it was murder.
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