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    I'm only sharing this one if you promise not to tell anyone, if you can't do that then read no further.
    You see the thing is I shouldn't really tell you this but around Scotland we have the most amazing sun kissed beaches,... sorry empty sun kissed beaches, with backdrops of majestic heather clad mountains. The only sounds you hear as you look out to the distant isles are the bees buzzing as they gather the nectar and the call of the eagles echoing down the glen.

    We don't tell anyone for obvious reasons but just in case the secret gets out, we breed millions upon millions of tiny yet vicious biting insects called 'midgies' each year, which we let out if and when too many tourists stray onto our beaches.

    A second inland reserve of midgies is kept in Glen Etive just off Rannoch Moor, this, if you've ever visited is probably one of the largest and most popular wild camping areas in Scotland and you regularly find scores of campers overnighting here because this is where we tell all the tourists to go and camp.

    You only wild camp there once :o)

    Finally, we monitor the airports for excessive tourists and when the numbers rise we turn on the rain using our rain machines.... oh, don't tell anyone about those either!

    Anyway please don't tell anyone about our fantastically empty beaches and crystal clear water, just keep telling them about the midgies and rain, many thanks.

    Please no graphics in your comments, unless it's from a group I've posted in - thanks

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    1. peterspencer49 57 months ago | reply

      Love these images of Morar I think this is my fav the water looks really stunning. Every thing about this shot is awesome the sky and sea are unreal .

    2. Fiona * lunasdal 57 months ago | reply

      Sshh don't tell them anymore secrets. You do seem to have the hotline to the sunny skies machine.

    3. Christine Couper [deleted] 57 months ago | reply

      Fantastic photo, and I know what you mean about the quiet Scottish Beaches, it's fantastic up there!!

    4. brad.kennedy 57 months ago | reply

      Must admit, I had no idea. But with some strong Scottish heritage, I might have to come see it first hand someday. Beautiful scene

    5. Julie Fraser | Photographer 57 months ago | reply

      a tip for the locals, Avon Oh so soft and and an umbrella work wonders and let you enjoy our best kept secrets bite free and dry.

      wonderful capture Scott

    6. ☺ Marlene ☺ 57 months ago | reply

      Scotland is beautiful, especially when in sunlight.. This s a great shot, sharp, clean and cool!

    7. Carol-R 57 months ago | reply

      Absolutely stunning photo! The way you used the glimmering water to lead into the depths of the scene is really well done. Now about those midges ... when we visit in September will you please send out the net to capture them so we can have a glimpse of your beautiful country? Oh and about the rain - perhaps the machine could be shut down for maintenance for a few days!

    8. scott masterton 57 months ago | reply

      hey carol, you are in luck, we put the midgies back into hibernation again at the end of august and switch of the rain machines too, September is a good month, it's lets us get the harvest in and get sorted out for winter in the dry without the midgies bothering us and most of the tourists have gone by then... it's a good time to visit, you will enjoy :o)

      Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

    9. studioflow 57 months ago | reply

      stunning. amazing details and colors, what a great photograph.

      i'm amazed by the fine images on your stream, what a great discovery! and of course the secret's safe my end... after a visit to the isle of arran after a years back i was sworn to secrecy by the locals - i see the rules are still in force. so who's in charge of this rain machine then :)

    10. AndyB 2010 57 months ago | reply

      Great composition, stunning sky and glistening water over the rippled sand. The tourists could expect a tropical 30C looking at this, but it's much more civilised than that.

    11. Theo_G 56 months ago | reply

      fantastic shot. the water looks so clear. well done

    12. nellleo 56 months ago | reply

      winter-sick Canadian looking to be adopted.. will trade snowy long winters and bad beer for midgies and rain any day.. :)
      love your photo !

    13. Charles Augustus 56 months ago | reply

      Light fantastic! Frame's a bit too heavy, maybe?

    14. Jeanette Svensson 55 months ago | reply

      I really like this one:)!!!

    15. ryandean 55 months ago | reply

      Its something quite special when you have a whole beach to yourself with only the seals bobbing up and down in the water and especially with an amazing sunset to finish it off. There is a certain eeriness to it. I had that pleasure when i visited the western isles this year. If you ever get the chance you need to go to Berneray beach in Harris. its magical! They had also turned the rain machine off when we were there, Thank goodness!
      Amazing photo you have here.

    16. Didi2965 55 months ago | reply

      Absolutely superb!!! a lovely place

    17. ~~Anita~~ [deleted] 51 months ago | reply

      *sigh* - roll on summer and paddling in beautiful, clear waters like this - bliss :-).

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