73156 in BR Service
Built in 1956, 73156 is the only surviving B.R. Standard locomotive constructed at Doncaster Works. For part of its brief life the loco was based at depots on the former Great Central line moving to the North West later via several regional re-allocations and finally being withdrawn from service in November 1967 whilst at Bolton. Accumulated mileage by then was approx 325,000. During a brief 11 years of service on British Railways our loco was based at the following depots:

34ENeasden(Dec’56 - Apr’58)
41C Millhouses Apr’58 – Jan’59)
41BGrimesthorpe (Jan’59 – Sep’60)
17ADerby(part of Sep’60)
14DNeasden(Sep’60 – Jun’62)
15ELeicester GC (Jun’62 – Mar’63)
2FWoodford Halse (Mar’ – May’63)
14ACricklewood (May’63 – Oct’64)
2LLeam'ton Spa(Oct’64 – Jun’65)
2ATyseley (Jun’65 – Apr’66)
9KBolton (Apr’66 – Nov’67)

Withdrawn from service at Bolton 24th October 1967.
Despatched to Barry scrapyard late January 1968.
Rescued from Barry for preservation on 6th October 1986.
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