Design Transitions in Malaysia
The Design Transition book on tour continues. This time we were in Bandar Utama, Malaysia – a sort of homecoming event for Joyce Yee. The event was sponsored and hosted by KBU - an International College in conjunction with their graduate show. It was held in a public square in a shopping mall - an unusual but interesting location. We kicked off with a 2-hour workshop using Design Fictions and Service Design Tools to create future products and services for different scenarios of Malaysia 2050. This was followed by a short introduction by Joyce Yee on the 4 key insights from the book before the start of the panel discussion. The panellists consists of eminent members of the Malaysian design industry from a range of disciplines and they were asked to reflect on how their own practices have changed and where they think design is going. The panel members include: Asri Ahmad (Rifua, Chua, Seti), Farah Azizan, Adela Askandar (Studio Bikin), Kal Joffries (Tandemic), Eric Cruz (Leo Burnett, Malaysia), Dr Nurul Rahman (University Sains Malaysia) and William Harald Wong (WHW Associates).
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