Future of Interaction Design - 25th June 2014, OSLO
IxDA Oslo and The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) invited the Design Transitions team to collaborate and faciliate a full-day workshop on the future of UX education. The workshop took place on Tuesday 24 June at AHO in Oslo, Norway.

Educators, researchers, professionals looking for better ways to upskill and increase the number of well-qualified UX candidates entering the job market, were all invited.

The workshop tackled four key issues facing user experience professionals today:
1. Our field is undergoing rapid change. What competency will be required of a UX professional in 2025, and how should we teach these skills?

2. It's not just students who will need to be taught new subjects. What options for training, apprenticeship and continuing education will those already working need to keep their skillsets relevant in a rapidly evolving field?

3. The demand for skilled UX professionals keeps growing, and there just aren't enough experienced practitioners available. How can we double, triple our even quadruple the number of skilled candidates entering the profession, and at the same time increase the quality and relevance of their formal education so they can have better and more rewarding careers?

4. How should schools and industry collaborate? How can those who teach user experience and those who practice it support each other for mutual success?

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time UX educators and professionals in Norway have met and discussed these questions in detail, and our hope is that this workshop will be the start of a fruitful and lasting collaboration between industry and academia.

Thank you Fredrik Matheson for making it happen - it was a great conversation. For more information search #UXEDU on twitter.
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