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Mt. Soledad Cross and War Memorial

The controversy over this cross has been ongoing for decades and boy has it been ugly.


I am Jewish and a cross for me is not a religious symbol, but I fully support the cross on Mt. Soledad and this honorable memorial. I feel honored that society that maintains the cross and memorial welcomes all war heroes and honors many fallen Jewish soldiers, proudly displaying Stars of David on their memorial plaques in complete harmony with the cross.


But the harmony doesn't translate to ACLU and atheist groups that have spent decades and millions of dollars in court trying to remove the cross from the top of Mt. Soledad. Their initial claim was that the cross couldn’t be on public land due to separation of church and state. The city eventually complied by selling the land in a public auction. There were many bidders present at the auction; some were there with intention to buy the land and tear down the cross and others with intention to keep the cross and the memorial.


The highest bidder was some Catholic charity (if I recall correctly) who of course intended to keep the cross and keep the memorial open for veterans of all religions and denominations. And if the intention of ACLU and atheist groups was indeed separation of church and state, this issue would now be solved. But of course that was never the case; the real problem was these groups’ hate of Christianity and it’s symbols. The proof was obvious as they immediately began to sue again on every technicality imaginable - that the sale of land was illegal and that the auction was illegal and that the cross (now on private land) was still illegal.

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Taken on March 8, 2012