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LCC - And So It Begins | by SpearralSquid
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LCC - And So It Begins

My entry to the "Vignette" category of GCVII. Sir Ian sat down on a block of wood by the roaring bonfire. His men and the liberated soldiers were, although cramped in the small ground of the watchtower, enjoying their first good meal for some days. They had found some preserved meat and cheese in the dusty crates of the old stronghold, and although frugal, it was a meal. "Aye, Hamish, they say a fire like this is good for a man's morale" the young knight said as he drew out his sword and whetstone. "Ian, they may be needin' it sooner then you think." Sir Ian looked up sharply. Hamish continued. "When we were captured, I overheard the Dragons speaking that the rebellion would begin soon, even in a matter of a week or two. Of course, that was…." Sir Ian finished his thought:"A few days ago. So you mean if we were to find any Dragons, we would not hesitate to strike them down." Hamish nodded. "I think the war has begun. Even though we are out in the wilderness, I have a sense, somewhere, inside me, that the conflict is upon us." Ian looked down again to the battered, notched steel blade. Though he had been gifted with it only a few months ago, it already was travel worn from the many adventures he had had in the past weeks. He ran the whetstone down the dark steel, preparing the revive the worn weapon that would soon fight again. "Hamish…..What if I don't make it out?"

"I cannot predict what fate has in store for you. But you have had much more experience than most men your age would have so shortly after their knighthood. I trust you will be able to take care of yourself." Ian nodded, still not trusting his own ability. He knew not how soon he would have to use it.

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Taken on March 29, 2014