Buff Dog

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    This is the buffest dog I have ever seen...

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    1. @alviseni 71 months ago | reply

      hey that dog has been working on, lol

    2. sweet4me4eva 69 months ago | reply

      holly shit watz diz

    3. Elegant Images 69 months ago | reply

      somebody help me understand what is going on with this dog

    4. Dodgsun 66 months ago | reply

      NO people, Wendy has a myostatin defect. it occurs naturally. like a throwback gene. (like most stupid Americans)


      Ravi Kambadur and his team found in 1997 that the double muscled cattle breeds Belgian Blue and Piedmontese have defective myostatin genes; these strains have been produced through breeding. [7][8][9]

      In 2004, a German boy was diagnosed with a mutation in both copies of the myostatin-producing gene, making him considerably stronger than his peers. His mother, a former sprinter, has a mutation in one copy of the gene.[10][11][12][13][14][15] An American boy born in 2005 was diagnosed with the same condition

    5. kevin dooley 65 months ago | reply

      700k views whoa!

    6. spartacus31 64 months ago | reply

      OMG!! I think I dated this guy!

    7. dylanjsm 63 months ago | reply

      it is not a real dog duh

    8. emartin94 63 months ago | reply

      this is horable this is dog abuse u guys should feel horable about doing this to any animal. You Guys are stupid for doing this.

    9. artland 62 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called streetdog, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    10. DaWanderer47 48 months ago | reply

      that dog is on dat dere cell tech hardcore

    11. mrdudeguy96 43 months ago | reply


    12. hushahn 42 months ago | reply

      No cat is safe anymore


    13. juslin juno 35 months ago | reply

      Did the dog eat the bailwan! What a funny! Ha! Ha! Ha!

    14. MichaelDude210 34 months ago | reply

      looks like a dog on steroids lol

    15. Vanapalli1985 31 months ago | reply

      Its not real picture clearly its a photofunia.....

    16. Dodgsun 31 months ago | reply

      everyone, it IS a real dog, read this from post on page 1..stop posting just cause you have no idea what it is!!!

      "...extremely muscular. It's a mutation that causes the body to continually grow muscle."

      See: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myostatin

      Here is another example of the mutation in a bull, very unique to look at:


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