#Nakba70 Names of 50 unarmed Palestinians killed in Gaza face #Israel70 celebration of Zionist occupation and genocide.

At the Israeli flag-raising at City Hall, Jewish activists and allies held a vigil in memory of the 50 unarmed Palestinians that have been killed by Israeli forces since late March.

What: Citizens held their representatives accountable - and demand that elected officials condemn Israel’s indiscriminate killings and injuries of grassroots protesters and journalists in Gaza. While elected officials gave speeches at the first-time-ever raising of the Israeli flag at City Hall in Center City (an event sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia), Jewish Voice for Peace members and allies held a peaceful solemn vigil in memory of the 50 unarmed protesters that have been killed by Israeli forces in Gaza since March 30th.

Who: Jewish Voice for Peace-Philadelphia, part of a national, grassroots movement.

When: May 14th, 1pm

Where: Philadelphia City Hall, 1401 John F Kennedy Blvd

Why: Since late March, Palestinians have been protesting in Gaza under the banner of the Great March of Return. The protest will culminate on May 15th, which is the founding of the State of Israel and marked by Palestinians as Nakba (“catastrophe”) Day. To date, 50 unarmed protesters have been killed and thousands have been injured. Few U.S. politicians have spoken out about this flagrant violation of human rights and international law. Instead, the U.S. government has chosen May 14th, the day before Nakba Day, to completely abandon the peace process and ensure further violence by opening the new embassy on disputed territory in Jerusalem.

Visuals: A large banner with the names of the 50 unarmed protesters that have been killed by Israeli forces was held up, as well as signs reading “Jews Stand with Gaza”.


Jewish Voice for Peace-Philadelphia is the local chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace
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