#AltonPhilando March through North Philly
A march through North Philadelphia on July 8 not only grew as it passed through many neighborhoods over 4 hours, short rallies were held wherever there were crowds and many who didn't join listened and raised their fists. Outrage against police brutality, mass incarceration and police killings - Alton Sterling and Philando Castile are just the latest - is so common that most people of color can easily understand why someone would break and shoot at cops, as in Dallas the day before. Starting at 22 and Lehigh, the protest reached Broad and Huntingpark Ave, marched back via Germantown Ave and finally stopped at Allegheny and Broad. Surprising the cops, protesters then boarded the Broad Street subway to City Hall. When cops on foot and bicycles confronted demonstrators in the street outside of City Hall, protesters briefly surrounded the police. The worried cops quickly forced their way out of the encirclement. The protest was organized and led by the REAL Justice Coalition and Black and Brown Workers Collective.
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