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Lots of good things are going on at the moment: with my workshop & production events now happening regularly, with publishing, exhib plans, and also sponsors: I'm excited to be shooting for the next 2 months using medium format (see new blog post.)


There's the cliched saying of 'living the dream' but for me, those words don't cut it. For me, the 'dream' life/career is one you make yourself - it's not handed onto you on a plate, you have to put the meal together yourself. It also has to retain the magic of a 'dream' whilst also being your potentially banal breadwinning routine - a difficult balance. Another challenging part of being an artist is having your hard efforts pay off erratically, at times you don't expect, like 3 buses coming at once (from directions you didn't expect). "Miss Aniela" has to work for two now - myself and my boyfriend - as a job there are no guarantees about anything and if we weren't both passionate enough about photography, it simply wouldn't work.


The picture was taken at our latest theatre workshop at the Royal Hippodrome in Eastbourne, model is Bella Grace. It's a panoramic, HDR levitation shot - the tutorial I did for our students took just under an hour by the end of all that! Pose and concept was directly emulated from a previous picture of mine, 'Body repairs' (below).



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Taken on April 2, 2011