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I drove up a track, couldn't quite work out if I'd been down it before. I parked up and an old hairy man riding a bike, wearing only a pair of shorts (you know what the British are like as soon as the sun comes out) started to talk to me. After establishing I was a photographer he started recommending I go and locate a peregrine falcon that lives on a cliff nearby, who only eats pigeons that are mid-flight, but it will keep still enough for photos. Hmm... I wasn't have any luck photographing stagnant branches successfully, let alone an elusive bird of prey.


I got on my way, took some pics, but it wasn't until I changed into my special 12 quid gown that I felt stimulated. I had half an hour before I wanted to go to the gym. Once I'd piddled by the car, drove round to find a new spot with a glum look on my face, I finally got out, rather reluctantly into a chilly breeze, and was inspired by the symbolism of a bridleway signpost.


..And by a number of amazing female Flickr artists who were in my thoughts - by all the work of Quizz, also specific images by Rebekka, Haggis Chick, and also when I was processing it I thought of Vanessa Thomz's billowing dresses. Throw in also some admiration of these pics by Lara Swift and Jaime Bley!


I present at the Palm Springs Photo Festival on 2nd April! Blog


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Taken on March 19, 2009