2017 People's State of the Union Story Circle
Photos from our #PSTOU2017 Story Circle in NYC, co-hosted by Five Boro Story Project, Downtown Art, and US Department of Arts and Culture NYC Field Office.
The People’s State of the Union offers a rare chance to circle up, be fully seen and heard, listen deeply, make meaning together, reweave the fabric of community, get a glimpse of where we can go from here — and inspire the Poetic Address to the Nation. The Poetic Address is a counterpoint to the presidential state of the union address, collaboratively composed by poets who weave together the hopes, words and stories from people across the country.
In our story circle people shared stories about when we’ve felt belonging (or the opposite) in this nation, times we broke through a barrier to connect with someone different from ourselves, and insights into the state of our union.
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