City of Stories: Jackson Heights
Photos from "City of Stories: Jackson Heights" at “Una Sala en La Roosevelt" on August 21, 2016.
"City of Stories" is a participatory installation and collaboration between Bridget Bartolini / Five Boro Story Project and Priscilla Stadler / Fragile City. We invited people to take paper buildings and write stories, memories, and reflections responding to the prompts "What makes you feel at home?", "What makes our immigrant communities valuable and powerful?" and "Share a memory of moving to Queens." People then hung their buildings, constructing a city made up of everyone's Jackson Heights stories.
This activity was part of artist Ro Garrido's “A Living Room on Roosevelt / Una Sala en La Roosevelt,” which brought an interactive living room into the commercial corridor of Roosevelt Avenue with the purpose of creating an intentional space for community members to have conversations, and share knowledge and history related to issues of community safety in Jackson Heights.
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