Radium Girl (also known as 'Vera')
The Radium Girl is an illusion that was invented by Val Walker around 1919 whilst he was appearing at Nevil Maskelyne's St Georges Hall. This particular version was built by Val for Jeff Atkins in 1968. The photographs were taken in the garden at Spencerdene, his home in Canford Cliffs, Bournemouth. His assistant in the pictures is his daughter-in-law, Pat.

Val was 78yrs in these pictures and sadly died the following year.

The older pictures are of the original cabinet. Believed to have been taken at The Tower Ballroom, Edgbaston Reservoir, Birmingham. When he first built the illusion, it was known as "'Vera' The Radium Girl" because you could see right through the girl in the box.

In the early 1930's, Val licensed the illusion to Gladys and Burton Lester to perform on the Blackpool circuit. Reading through his letters, it would seem that they never performed the act and therefore never paid him for it!
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